Following my professional retraining, I’m now working as a Motion Designer. This « Monster Energy » fictional advert is therefore part of a process of getting to grips with After Effects in order to learn the basics of the software, animation and some plugins.    


Monster Energy is a brand of energy drink launched by Hansen Natural in 2002, whose logo represents a triple scratch. Being a particular fan of the brand and of these drinks, I immediately thought of this one for my After Effects re-learning. This project is an advertisement for the brand, putting forward the sales argument of the multiplicity of tastes and possibilities, so that potential customers know that there’s bound to be a taste of Monster that appeals to them. In the voiceover, I also call for action and appropriation by inviting the potential customer to identify with a can taste, thus highlighting the brand’s participatory and community aspect.

HD portrait for social media | 1080×1920 | 30fps
Duration: 11s20