This « Aesop » fictional advert is part of a project to get back to grips with After Effects, to learn the basics of the software, animation and certain plugins, following my professional transition to motion design.    


Aesop is a brand of cosmetics, skincare and home products founded in Melbourne in 1987 by hairdresser Dennis Paphitis. As I wanted to work on an advert for a cosmetics brand that also offers a multitude of other products, and as I particularly like this brand, I decided to produce this advert in order to highlight the plurality of the products, the different categories of products on sale, while respecting the artistic direction and values of the company. All this in a dynamic ad, with numerous transitions and effects.

HD landscape for social media | 1920×1080 | 30fps
Duration: 20s  


Motion-4 & Newton 3 Plugins