Need a Game Designer but don’t know who to hire? Look no further! Y.O.A.N: Your Own Adventure Neverending will answer all your questions. Y.O.A.N: Your Own Adventure Neverending is an interactive experience that is played in 2D. In Y.O.A.N: Your Own Adventure Neverending, the player embodies… Yoan! It has to guide him in his ultimate quest: create and conceptualize the game of his dreams by going through the different stages of development of the project. But the reality is quite different…


The project was carried out on my free time for a few hours a day for 2 months.


The challenge was to launch myself in a project alone from A to Z, which would allow me to have an original and additional application tool to propose during my procedures, by learning a new software, a new programming language, while conceptualizing, designing and programming the whole project. I was finally helped by Mallaurie LE BIHAN for the graphic part and by Cybrax for the development part. A big thank you to them! Feel free to send me your feedbacks and improvements!