MAGUS ACADEMY is a game that will put your friendships to the test. One arena. 4 mages. Thousands of spectators.

Your mission? Entertain the audience by competing in frenzied board games and mini-games to see who is the best mage! But beware of dirty tricks and traitors…

MAGUS ACADEMY is a party game played in 3D. In MAGUS ACADEMY, players embody different mages who will have to compete in wild games! Based on the Party Game principle, players have the choice of playing a game that alternates between board games and mini-games, or of competing in mini-games only. Unlike other party games, when you are eliminated from a mini-game, keep the controller in your hand! You can interact with, influence and harm other players. The audience will also be important: through a Twitch chat, spectators will be able to influence the game.

Gameplay video of the game:


The game has been realized during my second year of Master. We worked on it during 6 months with 7 other colleagues of the master : Andrea DI CRISTO, Anthony CUTTIVET, Cyril GAJAN, Alcea RUIS, Syndia RICHARD, Ben Ciceron, Victor PRADAL & Frédéric FACCIOLO.


Within this project, I mainly worked on the project management (Scrum Master), the Level Design and the Game Design with Andrea DI CRISTO. Concerning the project management, I mainly used the agile / SCRUM methods to manage the team and the project internally. For the Level Design, I was in charge of the conceptualization and layout of the different « arenas » of the mini-games. Finally, from a Game Design point of view, I mainly worked on the concepts of the mini-games, the user feelings and the balancing of the latter.