Happy Tri Friends is a hypercasual serious mobile game. In Happy Tri Friends, the player takes control of packagings, the characters of the game, that they must follow and take from the arrival in the sorting center to the baling of the packaging and its departure for the recycling. To do this, the player plays two different types of games: QTEs (Quick Time Events) and mini-games of the « party game » type. These two types of games allow us to translate the pedagogy in a playful way and to tell the story of our characters.


Happy Tri Friends was made during a 8 months fixed-term contract, from December 2021 to July 2022. It was made with 6 other employees. Since the project is still in development, I can’t show any additional images or gameplay here.


I mainly worked on Game Design and Level Design (documentation, general gameplay, balancing, tweaking, level building,  juice, …). The main challenge was to combine the subject, the genre, the target and the tone of the game. Supported by the different game topologies and the intermingling with the cinematics, the game is meant to be accessible to the greatest number of people to raise awareness on the importance of sorting but also on the working conditions and the humanity that is hidden behind these jobs.
Project realized with the excellent Riverman team composed of : Xavier PIVETEAU-GUYOMARC’H, Matthew GEORGE, Hyunah JUNG, Louise DÉLÉENS, Eléa MERIE and Arthur DUGUÉ.