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Tous les mois, le site organise des Game Design Challenge sur des sujets divers et variés. Une bonne façon de tester ses compétences et de développer sa réflexion et ses méthodes de travail.Le challenge de Mai portait sur le sujet « I Need A Hero » : le principe était de designer un jeu où le joueur incarnait héros/super-héros avec des super-pouvoirs.Voici donc ma proposition, en anglais.



Submitted by BISOGNO Yoan, Game Design Student at Master Humanités & Industries Créatives (HIC) in Cannes, France, Blue Psyche

High Concept :

In Blue Psyche, you play Alyssa, a young amnesiac woman who was kidnapped. You wake up in a test room, immersed in a basin filled with an unknown liquid connected to many machines. As you try to escape, you are suddenly hit by a headache and you collapse. When you awoke, the building in which you were was demolished by an explosion. Your mission will then be to flee, to discover who you are and who are these soldiers who seem to hunt you down … The discovery of your new skills will certainly allow you to defend yourself.

Gameplay & mechanics :

Blue Psyche is an action / adventure 3D 1 player game.

The core gameplay is divided into two game “ways”: each gameplay sequence can be done in a discreet way or in an offensive way. The choice will be based on a tree of power that the player can complete in the way he wants. He can very well move towards a tree totally oriented on the discretion, or towards a tree totally oriented on the offensive, or make a mix of the two to experiment different combinations.

Regarding the discretion powers:

– Interactions with remote electronic devices (opening doors, triggering alarms, etc.).

– Telekinesis on small objects (stones, utensils, etc) + possibility of launching these objects to distract the enemies

– Creation of an artificial double to disturb the enemy

– Vision of enemies through surfaces

– Super power: temporary invisibility

Regarding the offensive powers:

– Slight shockwave to a chosen target that will be stunned

– Control weak humans

– Temporary immaterial shield that allows to absorb a few extra shots

– Regeneration of life gauge

– Super power: devastating shock wave that knocks enemies around

non-exhaustive lists.

Context examples :

Alyssa is in an enemy camp. She must retrieve confidential informations on a computer in an enemy operations center.

To access it, the player may decide to infiltrate using his powers to hurt no one. In this case, the player will have to pay attention to the movements of his enemies and the devices of the environment. Some areas are covered by cameras and Alyssa will have to manipulate these devices to pass without being detected. She can then sneak through areas filled with enemies by throwing objects to distract the guards.

The other possibility is more offensive and will allow the player to get directly into the action by stunning enemies on his way. It will be possible for him to control weakened humans and to take advantage of them to hijack or knock out those who will stand in his way. The shield will allow him to absorb a few extra shots if he gets hit while waiting for his life gauge to regenerate.

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