GAME DESIGN | Challenge : Call Of The Wild

Tous les mois, le site organise des Game Design Challenge sur des sujets divers et variés. Une bonne façon de tester ses compétences et de développer sa réflexion et ses méthodes de travail.

Le challenge d’Avril portait sur le sujet “Call Of The Wild” : le principe était de designer un jeu où le joueur incarnait un animal sauvage.

Voici donc ma proposition, en anglais.


Source de l’image (sans modifications) :


Submitted by BISOGNO Yoan, Game Design Student at Master Humanités & Industries Créatives (HIC) in Cannes, France, Honshu

High Concept :

In “Honshu“, you play as Honshu, a wild wolf abandoned by his family when he was still a cub. Honshu lives in a parallel oneiric world, but one day, he finds himself in ours, in a forest devastated by man. There, he meets Aaron, a friendly human, and a unique bond will be created between the two. They will have to cooperate for Honshu to return to his own world.

Gameplay & mechanics :

Honshu is a 3D 2-player narrative action-adventure game. It is possible to play alone but the experience will be lessened.

The core gameplay will revolve around the complicity of the two protagonists.

One of the players will play Honshu and the other player Aaron. When the game is played alone, the player may swap the character played by pressing the Y / Triangle button.

Honshu’s game mechanics  :


Aaron’s game mechanics :


– Left joystick / directional cross:  Movement

– A / Cross : Jump / double jump

– B / Round : Contextual actions *

– Y / Triangle :

o 1 player : Change character

o 2 players : Not used

– Left Button / L1 : Dodge

– Right Button / R1 : Light Attack

– Right Trigger / R2 : Heavy Attack

– Right joystick : Camera

– R3 : Enemy Lock


– Left joystick / directional cross : Movement

– A / Cross : Jump

– B / Round : Contextual actions**

– Y / Triangle :

o 1 player : Change character

o 2 players : Not used

– Left Button / L1: Parry

– Right Button / R1 : Light Attack

– Right Trigger / R2 : Heavy Attack

– Right joystick: Camera

– L3 : Crouch

– R3: Enemy Lock

*interact, dig, smell, 6th sense (can see/listen to enemies through walls, at a certain distance), etc.

**interact, carry, lift, push, talk, etc.

Context examples:

Aaron and Honshu are in a forest. A stream prevents Aaron from passing. It will be necessary to play Honshu to double-jump over the stream and find a way for Aaron to cross.

Aaron and Honshu are in a forest. Aaron can see some enemies, but trees are bothering his vision. Honshu can use his 6th sense to mark enemies for a better strategy.

During their journey, Aaron and Honshu end up on a mountain and find a cave. To move to the next room, one of the characters must press a slab at the other end of the room. Honshu will then position himself on this slab while Aaron will walk to the door and gain access to the next level.

Aaron and Honshu are in a cave. They need an object buried in the ground. Honshu can dig to reveal it and Aaron can carry it to its objective.

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