« Who hasn’t dreamed of literally battling stereotypes? Have you ever thought that you would put some big bats in the clichés you live by?
With Fight Like A Girl that’s what you’ll be able to do! »

Fight Like A Girl is a game where you literally have to fight like a girl! In F.L.A.G., you will live the daily life of Charlie, a woman of today confronted with ordinary sexist aggressions but determined not to let them happen. She will fight back literally and figuratively and become an inspirational leader followed online by millions of people in the fight against inequality.


The game has been realized during my first year of Master. We worked on it during 6 months with 11 other colleagues of the master : Chabane HADJI, Jérôme TISNÉ, Lucas ABADIE, Marie BERBETTE, Anne-Lise MANGOURNY, Hélène LITZLER, Yoann MAISONNEUVE, Ludovic GIBAULT, Bérenger SCHEUER, Matthieu NOWAK & Juliette BERNAZ.


Within this project, I mainly worked on the Game Design with Jérome TISNÉ and on the Level Design / Level Building. Thus I conceptualized the Game Design of the enemies / the boss of the demonstration, the various combos, « stances » and attacks of Charlie and worked on the tutorial and the general balancing of the prototype. I also did a lot of research for the creation, modeling and implementation of the level design and the different assets for the available phases.

As the game is still in development by the team at the origin of the project and is destined to be commercialized in the future, it is impossible for me to reveal images, videos or builds of the work done.