A Loan in The Dark is a platform/puzzle PC game.

You play as Loan, an 8-year-old child who will have to face his greatest fear: the darkness. Stalked by it, they will have to:

Progress and finish the different levels composed of enemies with your different toys;

Dodge some enemies by hiding your eyes;

Come to the end of your fear by confronting it truly.


On July 19, 2019, la “Développeuse Du Dimanche” posted a video on her YouTube channel announcing her “Create the Game” GameJam taking place from August 02 to August 04. The theme of this one was “Create the game you dreamed of as a child”. In parallel, the YouTube channel Game Maker’s Toolkit was also announcing a GameJam for that same date, with the theme “Only One”.

Here is the project we produced in 48 hours.


Within this project, I mainly worked on the Game Design and on the Level Design / Level Building. I was in charge of the general game design, the 3Cs, the conditions of victory and defeat as well as the general playability and gameplay elements.