OLEM aims to offer players all the advantages of digital while keeping the essential notions of sharing and conviviality between players. OLEM is a robot with all the latest technologies. It is able to move and interact with its environment, offering new game mechanisms.
During my internship, I mainly worked on the game design of more than twenty board games, all different from each other. Management games, strategy games, arcade games, role-playing games, puzzle games, cooperation games, confrontation games, all of them will be to discover when Olem will be released in 2022! Here are two videos made for the promotion of two of these games.

Catalauni :
Catalauni is an arcade game where OLEM represents a horde of barbarians out to plunder in 450 AD in the Gallic province of the Roman Empire (now France). In this game, two players on either side of the board defend Roman cities that are struggling to keep these barbarians at bay. To do this, they can use forts and directional signs in turn. Each game, the barbarian horde will react differently to these elements.
Tug of War is a mini-game where 2-4 players represent tug-of-war teams in an international sports competition. The goal of the player is to click as quickly as possible on the player’s area represented on the smartphone to bring OLEM back to his side of the board.  

Internship realized with the excellent LudoTech team composed of : Alexis LEMEY, Mathieu LEGEAY, Nicolas SILVANI, Maureen VIAN, Alexandre LESPAGNOL, Julie EUDE, Sami AMARA and Clément ROUILLON.