A Loan in The Dark is a platform/puzzle PC game.

You play as Loan, an 8-year-old child who will have to face his greatest fear: the darkness. Stalked by it, they will have to:

Progress and finish the different levels composed of enemies with your different toys;

Dodge some enemies by hiding your eyes;

Come to the end of your fear by confronting it truly.


On July 19, 2019, la « Développeuse Du Dimanche » posted a video on her YouTube channel announcing her « Create the Game » GameJam taking place from August 02 to August 04. The theme of this one was « Create the game you dreamed of as a child ». In parallel, the YouTube channel Game Maker’s Toolkit was also announcing a GameJam for that same date, with the theme « Only One ».

Here is the project we produced in 48 hours.


Within this project, I mainly worked on the Game Design and on the Level Design / Level Building. I was in charge of the general game design, the 3Cs, the conditions of victory and defeat as well as the general playability and gameplay elements.