About me

My name is Yoan and I am a 25 years old Game Designer specialized in 3C and documentation

I wish to make other players live new experiences and strong emotions through productions with original and interesting controls and possibilities.

Open to relocate, available for remote working and available right now.

In a few words: altruistic, diligent, conscientious, attentive, human, involved, observant, versatile, productive.

Want to know more about my passion?

If testing and playing an incalculable number of games "for work" is my favorite pretext to indulge my passion, it has allowed me to expand my video game culture and to explore many different genres. Among these, I have a particular interest for "Metroidvania" games (Ori and the Blind Forest, Dust : An Elysian Tail, Hollow Knight, ...), "Souls-like" games (Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, ...), narrative games (Life is Strange, Alan Wake, ...) or even multiplayer games (Counter Strike, Brawlhalla, Dofus, ...).

Dark Souls III

Ori & The Blind Forest

Alan Wake

Here is a small selection of my key projects.

You can see all my projects by clicking on the button below.


2 – 4 players Party Game on PC

Scrum Master, Game & Level Designer


20+ board game design for a board game console

Game Design Intern


Serious Game on PC

Game & Level Designer